Design Thinking for Innovation Management November 9, 2016

The management of innovation is one of the most important and challenging aspects of modern organizations. It is essential that managers develop insights into the strategies, tools and techniques for managing innovation, which require a different set of management knowledge and skills from those employed in everyday managing. This engaging three-day workshop features a set of interactive tools and learning materials to support online and face-to-face learning sessions used in tandem with team-based role play to enable participants to identify, assess and manage innovation challenges and opportunities.

In this this workshop, you will:

• Examine concepts of innovation and main models of innovation
• Apply a design-based innovation management methodology to identify, understand and manage innovation in your industries and organizations
• Take away an innovation management toolkit you can bring back to your organization to build, sell and deliver new innovative products and services to new customers and clients

Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Managerial strategies to shape innovative performance
• Innovation processes and tools to map and measure innovative activities
• Innovation trends in highly dynamic industries

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