Develop an Effective Content Strategy December 13, 2018

As more businesses recognize the power of content, developing a strategy that helps create the right content for the right audience is key. Discover how a well-developed digital content strategy can help save you time, allocate your budget more effectively and grow your small business.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to build user personas
  • Set SMART goals and objectives to create content around
  • Plan the content creation process and learn how to create an actionable content calendar
  • Start to develop content that’s meaningful to your audience

This workshop, led by CapU instructor Graham Williams, is designed for small-business owners and entrepreneurs, marketers, and professionals seeking a basic understanding of how to get started on developing a content strategy.

Hands-on demonstrations using easy-to-use tools let you get started on creating great content immediately. Don’t forget to bring your smartphone to the workshop.

This workshop is part of our Small Business Series offered in collaboration with Economic Partnership North Vancouver.