Action Photography: Capturing the Moment December 13, 2019

Some of the most powerful photos are those that capture the moment at precisely the right instant: whether it’s a shot of your kid scoring a goal, a whale breaking the surface, or a family member unexpectedly meeting Tom Hanks. To get that kind of shot, many things need to come together, and this course is designed to give you the skills to pull these shots off. Learn how to instinctively recognize a situation for its photographic potential, and discover how to quickly evaluate the scene in terms of available light, positioning of people, and where the most dramatic action is likely to occur. You’ll also gain the ability to select the right lens, the best shutter speed, depth of field and more. By course end, you will be able to take spontaneous, unplanned action photos and—much in the way a photojournalist does—communicate a compelling story or convey a powerful emotion.

PLEASE NOTE: The date has been changed and differs from the print catalogue.

This course can be applied toward an Award of Achievement in Photography.