Unlocking Innovation December 3, 2018

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and become a change agent in your organization. Explore new models for idea generation such as design thinking and prototyping as tools to unleash creativity and innovation, fail fast and take your organization from a ‘playing not to lose’ mindset to a ‘playing to win’ one.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Re-discover your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Rethink and elevate your marketing role as an organizational change agent
  • Overcome the ‘fear of the first’ step in designing original, innovative ideas
  • Learn how to unleash the ‘buried creativity’ of your organization through ‘whole-brain’ thinking
  • Build a discovery mindset to turn opportunity into innovation – and into added value for your customers
  • Explore design thinking and prototyping as tools to fail fast, inexpensively and with the full benefit of the learning

Who is this workshop for?

  • Senior marketing leaders who want to work with new models for innovative idea generation
  • Other senior leaders who are charged with driving the organization’s innovation initiatives