• While you can register for a course right up until the day it starts, it is important to remember that if there are not enough registrations prior to the course start date, then we can’t run the course. Also, many of our courses fill quickly, and registering early is the best way to ensure you get into the course.

    Is there food service on the weekends?

    No. There is no food service on the weekends. There are a number of vending machines throughout the campus that serve beverages and sweet & salty snacks. We strongly recommend packing a bag lunch for your weekend courses.

    Can I complete my High School Diploma through Continuing Education?

    No. For this and other forms of preparatory studies, please contact our Adult Basic Education department at 604.983.7578.

    How do I suggest a Continuing Education course?

    If there’s a course you would like to see, or want to propose teaching one yourself, feel free to contact us at csee@capilanou.ca

    Can I complete my High School Diploma through Continuing Education?

    No. For this and other forms of preparatory studies, please contact our Adult Basic Education department at 604-983-7578.

    How may I contact an instructor?

    There are two ways to find instructor contact information:

    • You can check the University Phonebook
    • You can request contact information for Continuing Education instructors by phoning our office at 604.984.4901. Please note, however, that not all of our instructors have given their consent to release their email or phone number.

    Where is the bookstore and what are its hours?

    The bookstore is located in the Birch Building. Please visit the following link for their hours. http://www.capilanou.ca/bookstore

    How old do you have to be to take a Continuing Education course?

    We offer courses for all ages.

    How will I know if a course is cancelled?

    If a course is cancelled, we will inform you by phone at least two days before the course starts. You will also receive a full refund (see Refund Policy for full cancellation and class withdrawal details).

    How do I get to the North Vancouver Campus?

    Please visit our Maps and Directions if you are driving here. For information on transit to or from the campus please contact Trans Link information line at 604.521.0400 or click on the link below.www.translink.bc.ca To find the location of your class, please visit our Campus Map.

    How much does parking cost?

    Pay parking is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week and costs $3 to $5 per day depending on parking lot and time of day. For more information about parking, please visit the Parking Services page.

    Is there a lunch break for a full day class? Where can I get lunch on campus?

    Typically there is a 30-minute lunch break for full-day classes. If your class is on a weekday, you can buy lunch at the University’s cafeteria. If, however, your class is on the weekend, you should bring a lunch, as the cafeteria is closed during weekends.

    When is payment required?

    Yes, we do. Click here: Registration Information.

    How do I register for a course?

    You can register online (by credit card only), by phone, fax, mail or in person. Payment is required at time of registration. We accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, cheque, and Debit or cash in-person.

    Do you have a calendar or brochure that you mail out, and can I get one?

    We produce several course calendars per year: Three (summer, fall and spring) for the North Vancouver campus, and two (spring and fall) for our Sunshine Coast campus. We also produce an Eldercollege brochure. The calendars are mass mailed (except for the Eldercollege one) to the North Shore and Sunshine Coast areas. If you haven’t been receiving one, and would like to, call 604.984.4901 and we will send you one. You can view it online or you can swing by our office to pick one up. Calendars can also be found in the community.