Made-to-measure solutions that really measure up: What we can do for youCapU Exec Ed Mats

If you have a skills or knowledge gap at your organization that you’re trying to close, or a strategic change initiative you’d like to implement, we can help. Here’s how we work with you:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your needs and specific situation
  • Design programs that speak directly to your organizational context and culture as well as the opportunities and challenges you face
  • Tailor teaching to address specific skills or knowledge gaps, focusing on your expectations around specific learning outcomes
  • Highlight proven techniques, best practices and leading edge thinking to provide knowledge-based solutions, tools and frameworks that you can implement immediately within your organization

How the process works: an overview

While particulars might vary from client to client, the key steps to creating a custom solution may include any or all of the following:

  • Conducting a training needs assessment and gap analysis
  • Performing 360-degree assessments as well as other leadership competency assessments
  • Helping you to define or clarify key competencies and translate these into learning objectives
  • Developing specific training modules that address learning outcomes and which form a cohesive overall curriculum
  • Delivering facilitated workshops, seminars, courses, programs, sessions and/or consulting services
  • Integrating organization-specific, action-learning individual or team projects
  • Conducting detailed post-program evaluations
  • Partnering with organizations on a longer-term strategic basis which lets us provide integrated programs designed specifically to address organizational challenges

For more information on custom solutions for organizations, contact CapU Exec Ed at:

Tel: 604.984.4910