Executive education (or Exec Ed) refers to university-led workshops, seminars, courses and other learning events designed for business leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone whose job function has management components. These offerings generally cover topics such as strategic management, leadership, marketing, communications, human resources, finance and accounting, supply chain and logistics, project management and more. Executive Education entails serious engagement among executives, managers, entrepreneurs, industry experts and experienced instructors and facilitators who are on the leading edge of business thinking and theory development.

Do you have to be a manager or an executive to take executive education courses?

No you don’t. While many Exec Ed offerings focus on senior-level executives and the C-suite, we realize that many people do the work of managers yet may not have the word ‘manager’ in their title. For instance, you could benefit from Exec Ed courses if you’re a content strategist, a marketing consultant, a usability team lead, or an entrepreneur, to name just a few.

Two delivery modes: Custom Solutions for Organizations and Courses for Individuals

Executive education portfolios are typically broken down into two main streams: Open enrolment courses for individuals and customized solutions for organizations.


What do we mean by open enrolment? It’s just another way to say “open course” or “public course/workshop/seminar” in that anyone can register to attend. Open enrolment offerings are scheduled throughout the year on specific dates, and are available to participants from different organizations, companies and industries.
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Custom solutions are tailored for teams at a single company or organization. They help companies address skill or knowledge gaps, and increase management capability by letting executives gain new knowledge and develop new skills and attitudes. Custom offerings can include tailored workshops, seminars, courses and programs for specific companies and their affiliates, and will address address specific challenges, opportunities and issues.

How long are the courses?

To accommodate time-strapped executives and busy schedules, most individual Exec Ed workshops, seminars and courses usually run for one, two, or three days.