Where have you moved to?

We’re now in The Shipyards building on the Lonsdale waterfront. On the second floor. The address is:

250 – 125 Victory Ship Way
North Vancouver
V7L 0G5


Does the new location have a name?

Yes. It’s called Steve. No it isn’t. It’s called CapU Lonsdale. The campus on Purcell Way is now known as the Main Campus.


Are all your classes being held at Lonsdale now?

Pretty much.  All Continuing Studies and Exec Ed classes that are running in 2020 will be held at CapU Lonsdale, except where indicated.


When will the Continuing Studies office move to Lonsdale?

Guess what? Our actual office, and the lovely people who work in it, are already at CapU Lonsdale. You have probably seen them in the market. Eating.


What’s the parking situation like?

CapU Lonsdale is in the heart of North Vancouver. Similar to other urban university campuses, parking is not provided at CapU Lonsdale. The City of North Vancouver, however, provides paid parking options in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood that are accessible to students, staff and visitors. For more information on parking options, see the City of North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale parking information.


For more information

For more details, please visit CapU Lonsdale