AA Creative Writing (Capilano), BFA Creative Writing (UBC), MFA candidate Creative Writing (UBC)
Roquela Fernandez is a reader, writer, workshop facilitator, lifelong learner, mum, and caffeine enthusiast!

She is passionate about storytelling – sharing stories has been a family tradition that has shaped who she is and how she lives in the world. Capilano University is the place where she found her voice, embraced writing and dedicated her life to its study and creative practice. During her writing journey, she’s had many wise and exceptional mentors. Now, it’s her honour and privilege to return to the place from whence she came. She looks forward to joining you on your writing journey, and is excited to facilitate your creative growth.

She has experience teaching creative writing at the high school, university, and community level. Her classrooms are playful communities – Together, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will write!

Courses taught include:
Wordwork: The Craft of Creative Writing