Award-Winning Marketer and Entrepreneur, Hussein Hallak, has started and helped build dozens of businesses and delivered hundreds of workshops. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and the world’s Top 100 brands. He has also spoken at leading industry conferences and presented on national television to over 40 million viewers. Hallak has featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, VancityBuzz and Roundhouse Radio. He is a serial entrepreneur, growth marketer, startup mentor, lean strategist, and breakthrough coach with 24+ years of business and startup experience.

Currently, Hussein is Director of Strategy and Marketing at 3 Tier Logic, a shopper marketing gamification and engagement technology public company based in Vancouver; Head Instructor of the Lean Entrepreneur Program at Launch Academy, a leading startup incubator based in Vancouver; Director of Marketing at TEDxStanleyPark, one of the largest TEDx events in Vancouver; and Tech Panelist on Roundhouse Radio.

Previously, Hussein was the CEO and co-founder of INFIN8VENTURES, an award-winning communications agency that won the Excellence in New Communications Award for Social Media Marketing, alongside UBC and Adobe, from The Society for New Communications Research in the United States. Hussein lives to inspire possibility and enable people to achieve the remarkable.