Presenting Three “How to” Workshops

Capilano University Continuing Studies & Executive Education (CSEE) is teaming up with Economic Partnership North Vancouver (EPNV) to take on the real issues that today’s small business owners face. Together, we have developed a series of three workshops based on discussions with the local business community. Each session is led by an industry expert who understands the reality of our local economy—whether it’s the impact of construction on your business, the search for reliable staff, or the ins and outs of social media.

Our upcoming 2017 workshops are listed below:

Jan18Social Media: Post Less, Grow More

Learn how to create effective content, advertise on a budget, and connect with the right influencers to help grow your business.
Instructor: Conner Galway


Feb1Cash Flow Management 101

Learn how to avoid “the squeeze” and take the right steps to manage your cash.
Instructor: Tammy Towill

Note: This workshop has been rescheduled to Feb 8.


Feb15Inspiring Customers to Say Yes!

Learn simple and effective ways to attract customers, sell more and create a repeat customer base.
Instructor: Michela Quilici
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